Rader’s Science Sites
Clear and simple explanations for all types of science


Biomes and Ecosystems
How nature in every place in the world works.

Forces of Nature
Natural disasters like earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, and tornadoes.

LearningExpress Science Skills Improvement [library card needed]

Access e-resources for high school-level biology and chemistry, including practice tests.

 MasterFILE Complete  [library card needed]
Articles from magazines, newspapers, books, and primary sources on a wide range of subjects.

Online Field Guides
Nearly 5,000 plants and animals featured!

Prehistoric World
The world of dinosaurs, brought to you by National Geographic.

ScienceFlix [library card needed]

Science information for homework and general interest, for kids ages 10-16. ScienceFlix is curriculum-driven, with interactive features, content divided by reading levels, and intuitive navigation.

Science Reference Center [library card needed]

Easy access to comprehensive, full-text science-oriented content.

The Virtual Body
Just what is going on inside of us? Find out here. Available in English and Spanish.





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